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Cloud based. No programming skills required.

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Business benefits

  • Be unique

    Stand out with a beautiful mobile app you can edit and design how you want to fit your own brand identity.

  • Live updates and interactions with your audience

    Communicate and engage with your audience in a new way while learning about what they want and anticipate your next moves.

  • Feel like a pro

    A flexible and easy to use mobile app builder where you can create your own custom mobile application without programming skills.

  • High quality app at a low cost

    Using our unique modular configuration, you can build a native mobile app and bring it live faster than any other competitor at a low cost.

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  • 251 Apps built
  • 8K+ Total downloads
  • 350 Clients served
  • 34K+ App sessions

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About us

Showbase, product of KangaCoders, was founded out of the passion for festivals. Our vision is that in this ever competing world, it should be easier and straight forward to build a quality native app for your festival with just a couple of mouse clicks. This idea, quickly grew into what the platform is now. An off the shelve platform to build native, and high quality app for any type of event, while at the same time being highly customisable, even during the event!