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  • Springboard

    This module is available for every account. The springboard is what you see when opening your app. All the icons are connected with our cloud platform. This means you can enable, change, sort or remove every icon anytime. This makes it possible to communicate whatever you want, whenever you want.

  • The interactive communication and emergency tool

    Apps built with Showbase allow you to be interactive with your audience.

    • Send push messages (f.e. in case of emergency, important notices or for advertising purposes)
    • Let your users fill in a nice quiz about your event
    • Upload your own photo overlays to our 'Selfie-module'. Fun and visibility of your event on social media guaranteed.
    • Add hotspots to your map, so people can use their smartphones to navigate to the spot.
  • News & social media

    The News & social module is a great way to deliver social media to your audience. Add your own feed sources in our back-end (f.e. a specific hashtag or your twitter account name). Showbase will import new posts and display them in a beautiful way.

  • Artists & schedule

    The line-up consists of a grid overview of the line-up divided into times and stages. The whole line-up can be put together using the content management system. A summary list is also available per stage under the tabs at the top of the grid view. The visitor can then also see a summary list of the artists on his or her favourite stage.

  • Sponsors

    Sponsors are listed in a summary list. When you go to detail, the logo appears enlarged together with a short explanation and possibly a link to the sponsor’s website. We track the amount of visitors that went to each sponsor page. This can be valuable data to use when presenting the app to existing or new sponsors.

  • Practical

    With the practical module you can built your own list. In most cases this is used to add practical information to your app. You can use the Showbase icon library to add nice icons to your list.

  • Pages

    The pages module is pretty awesome. This module allows you to add seperate pages to your dashboard. A page can consist of a webview with external content (f.e. a webapplication, a ticketshop) or a piece of content with a title, image and body field. It is very flexible. Just grab an icon from the Showbase library and add the page to your springboard.

  • Hot spots

    The hot spots show points of interest at the festival. You can then put the spotlight on certain places or show a sponsored stand in the foreground. Visitors can choose to show the hot spots as a sort of check-list.

  • Interactive maps

    Depending on your account type, Showbase offers several map types to add to your event app. On each one it is possible to add hotspot categories to show on the map.

One product but easily customizable to your brand identity

Our easy to use configuration panel allows you to choose your own colors, upload your own icons and pictures,... all resulting in an app which will be alligned with your own brand identity.

Our app in stats 

  • 2.5K Selfies taken
  • 19K+ Total downloads
  • 620 Survey submissions
  • 120 Speakers

See how easy is to build everything with our Content Management System (CMS)


  • Festivals
  • Events
  • Sports events
  • Speaker events
  • Conferences
  • Other events

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